I have attended Agata’s People Development program when we were working for the same organisation. I was very sceptical as it was suggested by my boss and I could not really say no. After the first session I was so empowered and surprised at the same time that I have completed all 10 sessions with Agata. I ended up improving parts of my both personal and professional life that I didn’t even know they needed to be improved. Agata’s mentoring and coaching style is both gentle and to the point. She can tell you things you don’t want to hear, and you don’t feel upset. I am due to take other sessions soon and simply can’t wait.


I have been on people development program with Agata for 3 months. I don’t even know where to start. She has literally changed my life. Every session I have finished in tears but those were happy tears. I have since attended Agata’s 2 events and I am looking for the next one. It is so important to have a mentor that can excite your about your own life and endless possibilities


I have attended Agata’s 3 day people development training. I was assigned by my company and didn’t think it will have any impact on me. I have actually taking work with me to kill the time. After first hour I was so inspired and could not stop listening. It was almost as what she is talking about has been written especially for me. I could relate and have started taking notes to make sure I don’t miss anything. I am looking forward to the next workshop.


I have attended Agata’s workshop and was so inspired that I have signed up for her 1:1 coaching session. I have completed 10 sessions and my life has been transformed. Agata makes difficult things look simply. It is almost as if she is breaking down for you your hardest tasks and you think, wow that’s just too simple. Agata told me, devil is in the detail. This saying has such a different meaning to me now ☺


I was actually managed by Agata when she was a Director of HR and People Development. She has quickly become my mentor. When she left the company, I have resigned within 3 weeks. She was the best mentor and leader I have ever come across. I have now started my own business and I regularly have touch base sessions with her. If every woman could be mentored by Agata, we would be living in a better world LOL


I have attended people development workshop that was provided by my company. We expected it to be yet another workshop that is boring with lots of power point slides. Agata has delivered the workshop and she has left us speechless. I was even surprised our company has allowed someone so honest, speaking straight forward about issues with people, helping us to understand where we need improvement. As it was not focused on how we can make more money for our boss, ha, but we were analysing our both personal and professional lives. She is also so funny, and she speaks so honestly about her own experiences that made us feel like we don’t have to be embarrassed about whatever darkness from our pasts.


I have attended Agata’s workshop and after that I have signed up for 6 1:1 session. I was surprised to realise that I so needed proper mentoring and coaching. I was already a senior at the financial institution I was working at but had so many issues trying to find myself. Agata is like a dictionary, she automatically translates whatever issues you have so you can understand them “in your own language” if I can say it like that.


I have met Agata when I have attended her workshop in London. I was looking for a simple professional development plan but after first day I have noticed that I am going through a major life transformation. Agata speaks from the heart and she has so much passion for everyone to see the best in them. I was listening to her and I was thinking, how weird, she makes me feel that she cares about my life more than me ☺


I first came across Agata when my company has signed me up for Agata’s workshop. I went with no expectations. I was so pleased after realising very quickly how great and to the point Agata was. She broke down to us simple steps of confidence and made us feel like it is so simple to take actions straight away. I have now signed up for Agata’s 1:1 session.


I have met Agata and her team at one of the conferences here in London. She was leading one of the lunch workgroups. It was very interesting, and I just could not stop listening. Agata has a fresh approach to self-development and she is so passionate about it and it is contagious and thank goodness for that.


I have been mentored by Agata for 4 months now and she has helped me to get back my life. A Colleague of mine has referred me to her and I was going with all my work issues to get sorted. But the mentoring diverted to my personal life and problems that were true reason for my unhappiness. I wake up with a smile on my face, first time in years.


I shared the stage with Agata on one of the workshops in London. I was not even looking for any help or advice. Drinks after and catching up were the start of my 1:1 session. Now I am a firm believer every single woman needs a mentor that snot her friend. It needs to get real and it does with Agata. Thank you so much.