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Women Are Better Business Owners

multitasking resilient Jun 01, 2021

A lot of the clients I work with 1:1 in my coaching practice are women who either have a side biz they’re ready to take full time or they’re entertaining the idea of moving in that direction.


Because of my own journey from corporate exec to entrepreneur, I’m well aware of the internal struggle most women go through when trying to decide if they’re ready to make the leap from worker bee to biz owner.


Even if we’ve been successful in the corporate world, we tend to doubt our ability to duplicate it if we were to go out on our own. We worry that we don’t possess the skills we should have or know everything we need to know to make a go of it.


But in my experience, there are 3 main reasons women make the BEST business owners...and dare I say, even better business owners than our male counterparts!


We’re good at multitasking. A study reported in the journal BMC Psychology found that women were actually better than men at switching back and forth between tasks. The study also showed that women process incoming information more efficiently than men. Sounds like some highly critical skills for a business owner to possess, don’t you think?


We’re resilient. It would be naive to think you could make your way through life without facing some setbacks. And all the women I know have had their fair share! Over the past 100 years, we’ve collectively fought for our reproductive rights, equal pay, the right to vote, and the right to own property. And on a personal level, there’s not a woman alive who hasn’t faced some monumental personal struggle and come out on top. The thing is, in business, there will always be challenges from time to time and plenty of setbacks to overcome. But if you want the best odds of bouncing back, my money’s always on a #ladyboss!


We get shit done. As the saying goes, ‘if you want something done, ask a woman.’ Everyone has the same 24 hours in a day but as women, we can clear a to-do list like nobody’s business! Interestingly enough, according to a study published in Springer’s journal, Sex Roles, even women who work outside the home take on the majority of household chores and childcare responsibilities. While we’d probably all agree that statistic needs to change, it illustrates how many things women actually accomplish in a given day. When you own a business, there’s a lot to juggle and unless you have really deep pockets, you have to do most of it yourself (especially in the beginning.) Women have this one on lock.


I’d love to know what you think! Have you thought about starting your own business but you’re not sure it would work? Or do you already have a side hustle you dream of taking full time, but it just doesn’t seem possible? Hit reply to this email and share your story with me...I’d love to see if I can help!

Agata Galuszka
Founder of Confidence & Financial Independence Academy - The online school for women


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