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4 Reasons You Have Been Struggling At Work

struggling work Apr 01, 2021

I’ve been spending a lot of time working on my online course over the last few months. Most of my days consist of working with my team on final revisions, recording videos, and preparing slide decks for the course. And every once in a while, as I’m reading through the content, I’m reminded of my corporate days and the challenges of being one of a handful of women in a male-dominated company.


As working women, there’s no doubt we have a lot to contend with. From the “Boy’s Club” mentality of senior management that would sooner give the promotion to a less qualified candidate just because he’s a man, to the fact that women (on average) earn about 20% less pay than their male counterparts, working your way up the corporate ladder can feel like a never-ending climb.


While we’re bound to encounter a few roadblocks as we navigate our way through the business world, it’s become clear to me from my own experience and that we tend to do a pretty job of getting in the way of our own success sometimes too.


I know that for myself and many of the women I work within my coaching practice, I see a few saboteurs of success that come up again and again. Maybe you can relate?


  1. Your Insecurities Are Hindering Your Abilities

Everyone has insecurities--even the most confident women in the world. The difference is they don’t fixate on them the way some of us do. When you’re focused on the things you’re self-conscious about, you call attention to them and then you get nervous and aren’t able to perform the task at hand as well as you’re capable of. It’s much more productive to shift your focus to the things you know you’re amazing at and feel confident doing.


  1. You Repeat Old Patterns

One of my favorite quotes goes something like this: “If you always do what you’ve always done, you always get what you’ve always gotten.” Thank you, Jessie Potter. If you want your career to move in a new and exciting direction, you have to be willing to try something new and exciting rather than stick to what’s safe and comfortable. Another great quote: “Life happens outside your comfort zone.” I’m just bringing out all the inspo today!


  1. You Feel Unworthy Of Success

Unworthiness is a common limiting belief I’ve seen among many of my coaching clients. And whether they feel unworthy of success or happiness or love, it generally stems from some kind of childhood trauma. While you can’t change the past, you can change your thoughts and ultimately how they affect your confidence. I like to have my clients practice replacing a negative thought they have about themselves with a positive thought. It can feel inauthentic, and you probably won’t believe the replacement thought at first. But over time, your beliefs will change. If replacing the negative thought with a positive thought seems a little too far-fetched at first, start by replacing the negative thought with a neutral thought. If the thought is, I have terrible leadership skills, and it feels like too much of a stretch to change the thought to,I’m an amazing leader, try replacing it with, I’m learning leadership skills.


  1. Your Actions Aren’t Aligned With Your Desired Outcome

If you say you want to get ahead at work, but you never raise your hand to head up a team project or throw your hat in the ring for a promotion, you’re not taking action toward your goals. If you want that raise or the management position you’ve been dreaming of, you have to think about what someone who wanted those things would would they act? Would they take on extra responsibilities? Would they stay late sometimes? Would they make valuable suggestions at every business meeting? Figure it out and do that!


So, tell me, did any of these resonate with you? One more than the others? I’d love to hear what challenges you face in the workplace and see if I can help! Hit reply and talk to me!


Here’s to #girlpower, 



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