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Agata Galuszka BSc MBA MCIPD

Hello, I am Agata, the founder of the Confidence and Financial Independence Academy. I am dedicated to empowering and inspiring women around the world. I am passionate about helping women personally, professionally, and financially. Showing them that they can live the life they deserve and dream of.

I think I’m a lot like you. I hustled for years, determined to make my mark in a world dominated by men. I earned my Master’s degree and immediately landed a corporate position in one of London’s largest companies. One promotion followed another, and I became the Director of HR in record time. At 35, I was the youngest woman in the board room. I had to work twice as hard as my male counterparts to be seen as capable and ultimately earn their respect, but I finally had the high-powered career, coveted salary, and prestige that comes along with administering million-dollar budgets and developing personnel. You might say I’d “made it.”

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About me

There was a time when I had no idea how to escape the sense of inertia that kept me from changing the course of my life. I spent several years in a marriage that tore me down in every possible way. When I finally divorced, I tried in vain to pull myself out the feeling of desperation that held me hostage.

My family did what they could to help me but it was difficult for me to find the words to explain what I was going through emotionally. I read ALL the self-help books and scoured the internet for advice. I just couldn’t relate to any of the so-called “experts” because their stories were nothing like mine.

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